Regular Expressions to the Rescue

Working my way through the Launch School curriculum and I had nearly forgotten how much I love regular expressions! Look at how beautiful this is:

def valid_number?(num)
  num =~ /\-?\d+\.?\d*f?/

It’s just lovely. The most wonderful site, Rubular was a huge help in working out the details. It’s a terrific little sandbox that allows you to test out our regular expressions in Ruby. You can see exactly what you’re picking up and exactly what you’re leaving behind and it’s wonderful. I could easily spend all day there.

Ok, back to work now.


But I Get Up Again

The RailsConf speakers have been notified and …. I’m not one of them. Sadly, neither of my proposals were accepted this year. I’m taking it as a small consolation that each made it through several rounds of reviews. A very small consolation.

I also was not selected as a CodeNewbie apprentice. That program was absolutely perfect, but the woman who was selected is absolutely amazing and will do great things for the community.

So, I get knocked down but I get up again. I just wrapped up the prep work for Launch School as part of an application for a scholarship. It’s online and part-time and would be a great way to get some focus to my learning. While I wait for news, I thought I’d dip a toe into django (wow — talk about a quick and dirty way to build a site!)