I have been waiting for the 2020 election since 2016.

I will never forget the slow, sinking, horrifying feelings I had while watching the returns during the last presidential election. I’m on the West Coast, so by the time dinner and homework and dishes were done, projections were starting to come in from the EST precincts.

I spent a lot of time that night on Fivethirtyeight’s website. I know they’re trying re-write history and say they warned us all that Trump had a good chance, but I was a political news junkie then, too, and I followed their polls and analyses very closely. While they hadn’t put HRC at 100% chances, they certainly weren’t ringing any alarm bells the way they now claim to have done.

I watched state after state turn red. I don’t remember which state shocked me the most, but when I saw that Pennsylvania was red, I was glued to the screen, refreshing every few minutes, reading every reputable liveblog I could find.

In just a couple of hours, the country was bathed in red.


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