Slight Detour May Lead to a Steadier Path


Last week, I learned about a special scholarship being jointly offered by Women Who Code and Launch School. I first uncovered Launch School a few years ago (when they were called Tea Leaf Academy) and thought their intention to teach code the right way and the slow way was just what I needed. They’re remote, part time and focus on the fundamentals. But they co$t, and while I never lack for ambition and drive, I do lack money to funnel into my studies. I jumped at the chance to apply.

I’m working through the Launch School preliminary work. One of the assignments is “What is Code” by Paul Ford. I’m developing a long list of future reading.

  • The Rosetta Code
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python (which, to be fair, I first heard mentioned on a CodeNewbies podcast)
  • Re-read JavaScript the Good Parts (and actually write all of the code described within)

Wow – in the “languages” section, only really mentions JavaScript to say you don’t have to be particularly smart or good at math to be a JS programmer; mentions Ruby only to point out CoC violations and the Pr0n slidedeck. The author clearly adores Python.


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