January Retrospective

Trying a little something new here. Here’s my January Retrospective

The Good:

  • New blog, new domain name and (counting this post) five blog posts in January.
  • Completed full-month streaks on GitHub and StackOverflow (my Seinfeld productivity tracker tools).
  • Submitted proposals to RailsConf on time! (woot!!).
  • Completed a big project for a client that snagged the CIOs attention.
  • Applied for the Launch School scholarship and to be a volunteer at WWC Connect 2016

The Bad:

  • Not accepted as a PT apprentice at CodeNewbies.
  • Rolling off my current client, which means I will stop working with a team I really like.
  • Still haven’t completed PokerHands.

What I Can Do Better

  • Have my resume ready at all times, no matter how secure I feel on a particular team.
  • FINISH POKER HANDS ALREADY (oh, look, a squirrel with a scholarship opportunity…) No, really — I will push the code in February.
  • When faced with an opportunity, I will jump in with both feet. For a lot of ventures (even the successful ones), I’ve hemmed and hawed, feeling uncertain if I was even good enough to consider it. I need to accept that no, I won’t get everything I go after. But I won’t get anything that I don’t actually try for.



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